Shadow SpectersSo Konami just finished giving us Shadow Specters, a set that brought with it a whole bunch of new cards and support for both new and old archetypes. Honestly, it’s a hard set to live up to, and the next set will have to be pretty good to live up to it. However, the next set, Legacy of the Valiant, only comes out in late January. It makes sense, really; with only a month until the January 1st Banlist, Yu-Gi-Oh players aren’t going to want to start making new decks, since they don’t know what will be hit by the list. So what does Konami decide to do in the mean time? They give us these new starter decks, Yugi & Kaiba Reloaded. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Yugi Reloaded StarterNow obviously I don’t have that much hope for these decks. Starter decks in general don’t usually have the best cards, and these two are no exception. Their main selling point is that they contain cards used by Yugi and Kaiba, the main protagonists in the original Yu-Gi-Oh TV series. Those of you who watched the show can agree with me when I say that Yugi and Kaiba, although being cool and all role-model-like, didn’t have the best cards. They didn’t even use decks centered around a specific archetype, which is normally what competitive players do nowadays. Both decks also have a ton of Normal Monsters, which, unless you’re playing multiple copies of some and Rescue Rabbit, won’t do you much good. All this being said, these are STARTER decks, made for players who are just beginning to play the game; they’re not made to be that competitive.

Competitive play?

Kaiba Reloaded Starter DeckHowever, if you wanted to potentially use these decks to gain a competitive edge, you could buy some of the cards reprinted in these decks that can actually do something. For example, the Yugi deck has reprints of Electric Virus, Mystical Space Typhoon, Book of Moon, Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder, all of which can be used competitively. Kaiba’s deck has some interesting reprints too, including Wattaildragon, Puppet Plant, Mystical Space Typhoon, Enemy Controller and Threatening Roar. All of the cards in this set are Common, so if you see a card you need, here’s a great way to pick it up for cheap.

Yugi and Kaiba’s Signature Cards

The last thing that’s interesting about the decks is that they have Ultimate Rare reprints of both players’ signature cards, Dark Magician for Yugi and Blue Eyes White Dragon for Kaiba.

Honestly though, these decks are just good for their nostalgia value. There are a whole bunch of old cards from the original TV series, and I’m sure older players are going to love messing around with these decks for fun. If that’s what you’d like to do, go pick up these decks. If you’re looking to play competitively, however, I really wouldn’t recommend picking up these decks (unless you’re doing it for the reprints).

If you’re new to the game, these decks are a great way to learn the basics, and could make a nice Christmas present for a younger person to get them into the game. Who knows, maybe these decks will breed a whole new younger generation of Yugioh lovers. Let’s just hope so!