Shadow SpectersAlthough October has ended and Halloween’s over, Konami kept up with the dark and creepy feeling with the arrival of Shadow Specters, that came out officially on November 8th 2013. If you’re part of the online Yu-Gi-Oh community, you know that this set has been getting a lot of hype with its new archetypes and support for many decks. If not, let’s take a look at what’s making Shadow Specters the talk of the town!

Ghostrick Archetype

Ghostrick HouseFirst of all, let’s talk about the new Yu-Gi-Oh archetypes being introduced in this new set. Among the various new archetypes coming out in Shadow Specters, the one that most talk about is the new Ghostrick archetype. The Ghostricks are an archetype of Dark Zombie, Spellcaster and Fiend-type Monsters, ranging from level 3 to 1 respectively, meaning all the Zombies are level 3, the Spellcasters level 2 and the Fiends level 1. Their effects focus around Set cards, either flipping them face-up to search the deck or setting opponent’s monsters. Every member of the archetype has the ability to flip itself face-down, which combines nicely with the supporting Spell and Trap cards the deck has. The archetype really has everything; searchers in the form of Ghostrick Stein and Ghostrick Jiangshi, cards to get rid of problem monsters with Ghostrick Witch and Ghostrick Yuki-onna and protection including advantages with Ghostrick Lantern and Ghostrick Specter. The Field Spell, Ghostrick Mansion, protects your face-down monsters from attacks and halves all damage either player takes, except from Ghostrick monsters. Ghostrick Scare, one of their Traps, acts as a massive Book of Moon, and Ghostrick Vanish basically protects all your Ghostrick cards from card effects for the rest of the turn. The archetype even has its own Xyz Monster, Ghostrick Alucard, who protects your other Ghostricks from attacks, destroys Set cards and adds a Ghostrick card to your hand when he goes to the graveyard. All in all, a great, well-rounded archetype that can benefit from the slower format that we have right now.

Vampire Archetype

Vampire SorcererThese new cards aren’t the only ones stirring up conversation in the Yu-Gi-Oh community. There’s also a cluster of new support for familiar archetypes, which people are going to love to play. Vampires, an archetype that came from in the GX anime, but never really took off, are getting a lot of new support and they’re making the deck surprisingly viable and versatile. There’s Vampire Sorcerer, that searches out any Vampire monster or Vampire Spell/Trap card from your deck when it’s sent to the Graveyard by your opponent and can banish itself from the Graveyard to normal summon a Vampire monster without Tributing. Both of these effects open up a lot of different plays. Sorcerer can search out Shadow Vampire, which special summons a Vampire monster from the Deck when Normal Summoned, or Vampire Duke which, when Normal Summoned, can special summon a Vampire monster from the Graveyard. This opens up some plays for Dark Xyz Monsters, like Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon. It can also summon the new Vampire Xyz Monster coming out in this set, Crimson Knight Vampire Bram, which can Special Summon any monster from your opponent’s Graveyard, but only it can attack that turn. Even the Vampire Spell/Traps are pretty decent! Their new Field Spell, Vampire Kingdom, lets your Vampires gain 500 Atk during Damage Calculation, when a card is sent from your opponent’s deck to the Graveyard, you can send a Vampire from your hand/Deck to the Graveyard and then destroy a card on the field. This counters decks that mill, like Lightsworns or Dragon Rulers and works well with older Vampire cards like Vampire Lord. The Trap card, Vampire Takeover, lets you activate a Vampire Kingdom from your Deck and Special Summon a Vampire from your deck in Face-up, Defense mode. All the cards give the deck various interesting strategies to test out.

Bujin Archetype

BujinAnother archetype that’s getting much needed support is the Bujin archetype, introduced in the last set, Judgement of the Light. They’re getting a lot of new Bujinji monsters, like the Centipede which works like an MST, but the big news is that they’re getting another Bujin Beast-Warrior type monster, Bujin Mikazuchi. Mikazuchi can Special Summon itself when a Face-up Bujin Beast-Warrior type monster is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, then it searches a Bujin Spell/Trap card, during the End Phase of the turn, a Bujin monster is sent from your hand to the graveyard. The second effect isn’t terrible, but the first effect is amazing because it solves one of the biggest problems Bujins had before; after they lost Yamato, they lost and that was all. Now, losing Yamato isn’t such a loss because Mikazuchi can go and take its place!

Noble Knight Archetype

Noble Knight BorzThe last archetype to be getting a whole lot of support in this set is the Noble Knight Archetype, which came out in Return of the Duelist. All of the new support is surprisingly helpful; there’s Noble Knight Borz, who has a similar effect to Power Tool Dragon while equipped with a Noble Arms Spell Card, as well as Lady of the Lake, a level 1 Tuner that lets you easily Synchro Summon a New Noble Kight Synchro Monster– Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn. This card is the best addition to the deck; it equips a Noble Arms to it straight from the deck when it’s Synchro Summoned, at the end of the Battle Phase, when it destroys an opponent’s monster by battle, it lets you add a Noble Arms Spell or a Noble Knight monster straight from your deck! Finally, a Noble Knight searcher that can search either the Spells or the Monsters. There’s also a new Noble Arms Equip Spell, Noble Arms Excaliburn, which protects the equipped monster from card effects. When it’s in the graveyard you can banish it to Rank-Up one of your Noble Knight Xyz Monsters to Xyz Summon a new Noble Knight Xyz: Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus, which is an upgraded version of their last Xyz Monster, with 200 more Atk and Def, an effect that destroys other monsters and lets you Special Summon another Noble Knight from your Graveyard when its sent there itself.

Singles that stand out

Pot of DichotomyTo wrap it up, let’s discuss some good singles that are coming out in Shadow Specters. Of course, there’s Pot of Dichotomy, which is replacing Pot of Avarice in most decks since it got banned this September. Dichotomy‘s a little less broken than Avarice; it lets you recycle three monsters instead of five, and they have to have all different types, but then you can draw two cards. However, you can’t conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate it, but that isn’t so bad considering what you get in return. There’s also Mistake, which is a Continuous Trap that has the same no searching effect that Thunder King Rai-Oh has. Finally, ther’s Chow Chow Chan, is a handtrap that can negate Traps like Mirror Force or Dimensional Prison.

There you have it, what I think are the best cards in Shadow Specters, and why people are getting excited about them. However, there are lots of other cards in the set that you might find interesting, so it would be a good idea to check the card list before making any decisions about the set. All in all, the set seems pretty good, and I really enjoy a lot of the new cards & support coming out in it. Believe me or not, you’ll only know what the set’s like when you buy it yourselves.