The January 2014 Format brought many changes to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh. Like any other Forbidden/Limited list, it crippled some decks *cough Dragon Rulers cough* while bolstering the power of others. These kind of things happen with every new list that comes out, so it’s certainly something us players were expecting. As usual, we were ready to sit down at our computers and test out new decks on Devpro or Dueling Network. Building new decks was something we knew we would have to do if we had the time, incentive and money for it. However, this format brought something else with it besides new cards, and this has affected the “time” aspect of what I was referring to before. Clearly I’m talking about the fact that this new Format is ending on March 1st, 2014, which makes it a two months format. This is something new to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, so let’s look at its ups and downs.

Thumb upObviously, two months isn’t a really long time. I mean, it took me longer to ask a girl out once than this. But there are some things that are actually good about having this shorter time period in Yu-Gi-Oh! Firstly, it gives a chance for other decks to come out and have their time in the spotlight. Better said, it doesn’t let certain decks become the “top deck of the format”. The length of this format is so short that there’s NO WAY that a certain deck or archetype can top events so many times that it’s considered by everyone to the best deck of the format. There aren’t enough events, and it takes a while for anyone to create a consistent build for a deck. Remember that format when Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy came out and basically everyone and their uncle was playing either Dragon Rulers or Spellbooks? That’s not going to be happening in this kind of format. Thankfully, lots of different decks will be able to see play in major tournaments, and if that doesn’t make people happy, I don’t know what will. Oh, wait, maybe the fact that also because this format is so small, not a lot of cards will get hit on the next banlist? Think about it: if no deck can be declared as the top deck of the format, what cards will Konami decide to make forbidden or limited? Nothing is a threat, so there’s not much you can do there. Finally, a shorter format gives players the incentive to go out and test or build new decks: because there won’t be that much time to test it before the banlist changes,because there isn’t some big bad deck like Dragon Rulers out there making you wonder why you should even bother building a new deck if it’s just going to lose.

Thumb DownThat being said, there are some downsides to having a two month format, and a lot of these stem from the good thingsabout it. First of all, this is clearly a way for Konami to make more cash. They know that players are going to want to go out and buy cards because of the shorter time to play them in and the less competitivetournament scene, and they’re just sitting there reaping the benefits. Of course, that’s what all large corporations do, so we can’t hate Konami just for trying to make some more dough. However, this isn’t just enriching for Konami, it’s also somewhat detrimental to us players. When you think about it, in a shorter format we have no idea how to predict what’s going to get hit by the next Forbidden/Limited list, so what’s going to stop Konami from banning or limiting in a month some cards you just bought because you finally had the incentive to go and do it? I think we can all say we wouldn’t enjoy that. Also, because new decks will come out of the woodwork and suddenly be good, there’s always a chance that decks that weren’t played before could get touched by the list that’s coming out in a month. Hope you said goodbyes to your favourite deck that wasn’t good before because Dragons were a thing! And finally, a shorter format means a shorter time to predict the fluctuation of card prices and to test out new decks, which is something any good Yu-Gi-Oh player wants to do if they want to be good and buy a decent deck.

In short, there could be a lot of good that comes from having a shorter format, while there could also be a lot of bad that comes from it. I don’t mind a shorter format, although I think it’s kind of ridiculous to go out and buy cards that might get hit by the list in such a short time. In the end though, there are lots of different opinions, and your job is to make one. So what do you think, short format or long format? It’s your move.