This month I will be talking about the 2 new extra booster sets what will be coming out at the same time. VG-EB04 Infinite Phantom Legion and VG-EB05 Celestial Valkyries both were released November 17th 2012 in Japan and will come out to the English audience September 6th 2013.

Infinite Phantom LegionInfinite Phantom Legion

Infinite Phantom Legion only contains cards from the Nova Grappler clan. There are important reprints in this set. These important reprints include: Perfect Raizer, Beast Deity, Azure Dragon, Magician Girl, Kirara, Hi-powered Raizer Custom, Twin Blader and Gold Rutile. Reprints are always a good and bad thing. The positive aspect is that it allows more players to get the best and important cards to complete their deck. Cards such as perfect blockers and cards with persona blast effects are often played in multiple copies. This helps people jump into the game without having to spend a lot of money to get these essential cards. The negative aspect, as we all know, is that it reduces the resell “value” of the cards and card collectors and traders get aggravated at such things. Reprints are common in every game so it is best to get used to them.

Infinite Phantom LegionLet’s take a look at the 2 triple rares from this set. One is Perfect Raizer and the other one is Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord. This new card fits perfectly in the already popular “Death Army” sub archetype of the Nova Grappler clan. It’s effect states:
[ACT](VC) Limit Break 4 [Counter Blast (2)] [Stand] all of your «Nova Grappler» rear-guards. If four or more units [Stand] this way, this unit gets [Critical] +1 until end of turn. This ability cannot be used for the rest of that turn.
[ACT](VC):[Choose two of your rear-guards with “Death Army” in its card name, and [Rest] them] This unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn.

This ability increases the attack of the vanguard and also allows the whole team of rear-guards to stand! Incredibly destructive ability. This ability works great with cards such as Dancing Wolf.

As usual, we would expect cards revolving around the feature of “stand” and with this mini set, we weren’t disappointed!

Celestial ValkyriesCelestial Valkyries

Celestial Valkyries strictly contains cards from the Oracle Think Tank clan. Oracle Think Tanks have always been dominant in Vanguard ever since their release in the first ever set. They rely in the aspect of “draw” and have always been a deck with huge hand advantage. Most of their cards allow you to draw or see what you are drawing. Along those lines let us look at a brand new Triple Rare card: Battle Sister, Fromage:
[ACT](VC) Limit Break 4: [Counter Blast (3)] If you have four or more rear-guards with “Battle Sister” its card name, draw two cards.
[CONT](VC): During your turn, if you have four or more rear-guards with “Battle Sister” in its card name is four or more, this unit gets [Power] +4000.

Celestial ValkyriesThis card is played in the Battle Sister sub archetype of the Oracle Think Tank clan. This typically involves a “soul-less” build. This card works great as your main late game vanguard. Her second passive effect of + 4000 is what gives her a slight edge VS those Limit break + 5000 passive boosts. Her first effect allows you to draw 2 cards. This can be used during your turn and is a great way to get perfect cards into your hand so you can be safe during your opponents turn. Also, it is a great move to do in desperation because it will allow you to have a minimum of 4 cards in your hand at the end of your turn. (This move + your Twin Drive ability).

The most notable reprints in this set include: CEO Amaterasu, Scarlet Witch, CoCo, Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya, Silent Tom and Battle Sister, Chocolat. They reprinted others but I mentioned these because they are 5 important and slightly expensive cards. As usual, they reprinted the perfect blocker and this is a great way to reduce the cost of the deck! Especially in a deck with so much draw power, it is advised to run four copies of Battle Sister, Chocolat. Silent Tom is a great way to annoy your opponent and he or she will always focus Silent Tom during their next Battle Phase.

Another very useful card to mention is Battle Sister, Macaron:
[AUTO](RC):When this unit attacks, if you have a vanguard with “Battle Sister” in its card name, this unit gets [Power] +3000 until end of that battle.

She works really well with Battle Sister Fromage or any other “Battle Sister” vanguard. Macaron always hits the 20,000 + attack power because of her passive effect.

Well there you have a slight overview on what to expect come September. The next major set , Triumphant Return of the King of Knights was released earlier this year in Japan, in February and will be released December 13, 2013 in English.