It’s crazy how fast formats come & go, isn’t it? One day we have Fire Fist and Mermails tearing up the meta, and next thing you know neither of those decks are being played and Hands & Artifacts are running around destroying everything. A new format dawns… Ok, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but we have received confirmation of the July 2014 Limited & Forbdden List, and with this we might just be able to see how the next meta will shape up. Shall we?

Forbidden Section

No change on the Forbidden List for this format! For all you folks that wanted Soul Charge banned, I’m sorry. But that’s a debate for another time. I’m still surprised they haven’t banned the Dragon Rulers yet: if they did that they could bring back Dragon’s Ravine & Dragunities could be a deck again! But that’s just my little hope.

Limited Section

goyo guardianOn to the Limited Section, where things really got shooken up with the return of Goyo Guardian! It’s insane to think that they brought this card back after the damage it did so long ago, but when you really look into it, it’s not that crazy. The only decks that can realistically make level 6 synchros are Blackwings or Lightsworn, thanks to the new tuner support, and both of those decks arent very competitive, although I’m sure Lightsworns are going to be seeing an increase in play soon! So it’s not a bad decision. Maybe we’ll see a rise in Sychro based decks! Also newly limited is Geargia Gear, which I have to say was well deserved. Geargia is a fantastic deck, able to generate advantage quickly & make big pushes really quickly, and Geargia Gear facilitated that incredibly. This limit will only balance the deck, it’s already quite good.

Semi-Limited Section

formula synchronThe Semi­-Limited section of this list is actually quite interesting in the way it might shape up the new meta. Let’s not bother talking about Magician of Faith: the only deck it’s decent in is Spellbooks, and even at that you’d be better off summoning blue boy than setting this thing, and you wouldn’t play it in anything else because besides Soul Charge, there are no good Spells to recycle, and who would even put this in a deck that heavily relies on Soul Charge? The big change on the Semi­-Limited list has to be Formula Synchron. Putting this card to two is a game­changer for synchro based decks, giving them access to Synchroing on your opponent’s turn & access to a whole range of Synchro monsters, not to mention the fact that they can now go for double Shooting Quasar Dragon without even using Soul Charge… Which means they could go for triple Quasar using Soul Charge… That’s kinda scary… Good news is there aren’t that many Synchro based decks around to do that! Although you might see an increase in people playing these decks now… And finally, Reinforcement of the Army is back up to two! There’s been a lot of support for Warrior decks recently, with the Noble Knight Box & the new Hero support coming out later this year, so you’ll definitely be seeing those decks being played more! Probably more Hero’s though, since they’re going to be really good when they come out.

Unlimited Section

mirror forceAnd finally, for the Unlimited cards, we have our wonderul battle traps Dimensional Prison and Mirror Force. Despite the current trend of not using battle traps, I think this is a great opportunity for these cards to see a rise in play. D Prison is great to get rid of pesky Hands or other cards that can’t be destroyed by effects, and a well timed Mirror Force can still spell disaster for your opponent, so I think these cards are still very playable.

And there ya have it folks, our little analysis of the July 2014 Banlist and its potential impacts is now complete. With so many powerful cards still running around, it’s hard to tell what kind of format this’ll be, but I’m sure it’ll be a great one.