Hello readers,

So…. as with many things in time, we are evolving! What do I mean? Instead of having to read articles, you can soon watch them. Yup, you guessed it: video articles. What can you expect from us? Well, sky is the limit, but to start with we will be show casing decks. Every week or so, there should be a live stream of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online on our new amazing Twitch channel.

We already tried a small test of our Twitch and most of the feedback was mostly positive.

Honestly I would really like to hear what you guys would like to see on these video articles. At first they might be a little bit unrefined, but eventually they should become second nature. Also feel free to chat with us while we stream.

furious fists logoIn recent news, Pokebeach released most of the scans for the new set Furious Fists. I’m pretty sure everyone knows how powerful fighting type Pokemon will be, by the way, pick Landorus EX while you can, but what else is good in the set?

super scoop upThe return of Super Scoop Up! I love to love this card and I also love to hate it. When it works its like a Max Potion, Switch and retrieving energies and tools. Its absolutely amazing! But when you miss the coin flip on a decisive turn, well it ain’t sunshine and rainbows. It’s very frustrating missing when it counts.

Do you like playing old school Pokemon with stage 1 and stage 2 Pokemon? There is new hope in the shape of a stadium. Training Center will increase the HP of your stage 1’s and 2’s by 30. It makes them as bulky as those big Ex Pokemon.

Furious Fists also brings us an old favourite. Copy Cat is back, in the form of Battle Reporter. We might see more Pokemon that will require you to have the same amount of cards in hand as your opponent.

Those are the cards that strike me the most in the new set.

Good bye for now!