Morphing JarLet’s admit it: when we all looked at the Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden & Limited List on April 1st, we all were hoping for a completely different list from what we saw when it was released a couple of weeks before. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case: the list we got, effective April 1st to July 13th, is the one that’s here to stay, even though a lot of players aren’t happy with it. These feelings are completely understandable: the list is a little underwhelming, compared to what we were expecting. But let’s go over the changes and see what this actually changes in the meta.

Forbidden Cards

Morphing Jar #2The only cards to be forbidden were Morphing Jar and Morphing Jar #2. On the surface, these seem like the most useless cards to ban: no-one played either card unless they were playing some sacky mill OTK/FTK deck, and even Morphing Jar hasn’t been played in Dark Worlds in forever. However, if we look a little into the future, these bans don’t seem so stupid after all. Jackpot 7, a card being released in the upcoming set Primal Origins, offers an alternate win condition like Exodia or Final Countdown decks, and the strategy to pull off this win condition basically requires both Morphing Jars. The strategy was to draw into your Morphing Jar or Morphing Jar #2, setting it then switching control of it to your opponent, then flipping it face-up to activate its effect to send all 3 of your Jackpot 7s either from your hand (in the case of Morphing Jar) or from your deck (Morphing Jar #2) thus triggering their effects and winning you the game. This deck was basically another OTK/FTK that offered no interaction with the opponent, and the fact that Konami is stopping this degenerate deck from ever seeing play is a pretty good thing.

Limited Cards

Coach Soldier WolfbackThe Limited Section of this list is where I think every Yu-Gi-Oh player starts getting very
disappointed because of the lack of change. Essentially, they hit a couple of meta decks, but not very hard. Putting Coach Soldier Wolfbark and Mermail Abyssgunde to one certainly slows down both Fire Fists and Mermails respectively, but this doesn’t stop the decks from being Top Tier: it basically means that players of these decks are going to have to find other ways to compensate for losing their explosive plays (in the case of Mermails) or their graveyard manipulations (Fire Fists). Fire Fists have already started playing Call of the Haunted to compensate for the gone Wolfbarks, and Mermails can use Abyssturge to recycle the Abyssgunde to use again. Basically, not much has changed in these decks.

RekindlingAs far as the rest of the Limited cards go, I have to say I agree with Limiting Rekindling. The card was absolutely broken in 3-Axis Fire Fist, essentially being able to make an entire field with one card, and it made Laval Quasar an incredibly powerful deck. The card doesn’t even have any drawbacks, because since you would probably be Synchroing or Xyzing with the monsters summoned, they wouldn’t be banished during the End Phase: basically, they Limited an insanely powerful card, which is a good move. And Infernity Barrier? The card going to one definitely brings down the control aspect of the deck, but this doesn’t diminish it’s power: it can still put up a very tough field to get over, with multiple Infernity Breaks or other counter traps to replace the lost Barriers.

Probably the second most disappointing thing on this list is the Semi-Limited Section. NecrofaceI mean, Necroface? The card is really only playable in D.D Dynamite OTK decks or Gren Maju Da Eiza decks, both of which NO-ONE plays competitively. With Return from the Different Dimension banned, I can’t even see this card being played in Chaos Dragons, although you might want to consider it as a tech card in that deck: honestly, this seems like a random Semi-Limit to me. Also, putting Hieratic Seal of Convocation to 2 literally does NOTHING to stop Hieratic Rulers. Sure, it stops players from getting to their Hieratics faster than before, but realistically, the Hieratic engine is only a part of the deck. Cards like Dragon Shrine help to draw into your Hieratics by dumping other stuff into the Graveyard, same goes for Seal from the Ashes, and cards like Upstart Goblin and Reckless Greed can get you to those key Hieratics with a little more drawback. Definitely not impressed, Konami.

Magical Stone ExcavationFinally, the Unlimited Section of this list just gives me the shivers how odd it is. Magical Stone Excavation is only decent in Exodia decks or in a format where power spells, like Monster Reborn or Heavy Storm, are unbanned, so I don’t see this card being used much competitively. But the change that really got me worried was Primal Seed going to 3. We’ve all heard of the insane OTK potential of Primal Seed, either with recycling a burn Spell card or raising a monster’s attack infinitely, and to be honest I thought Konami had lost their mind for a second. However, upon further reflection I realized that most of these OTKs involve five or six cards, one of which is Limited, so it would be pretty hard to make a deck that consistently busts out those combos. Luckily this means not everyone’s going to be experiencing the wrath of BLS in the near future.

In the end, I have to say that although I’ve put a negative tone to this article, I can’t say that Konami could’ve done much else. Like I said in my past article about the consequences of a 3 month format, a very small list is what’s to be expected after such a small format. I honestly think that this list is fair, just not what most of the Yu-Gi-Oh community was expecting. It’s up to you players to use this list to your advantage and make the necessary changes to your decks, or else you’ll be stuck till July 13th.