Note: Part 1 of the article can be found here.

So, about a month ago, I left you on a hanger stating that I would be back a week later with the remainder of my paper on Khans’ effect on the formats. Sadly, my attempt at mastering time travel has been a total failure and I ended up not having enough time in the month to drop the last part.

Since I am a lazy human being, I will use my intended second part as a full paper this month. Deal with it.

This one should be a bit shorter than what you are used from me paper, mainly focusing on pickups for expected rises. I will divide it in two distinct parts, event though i could have all jammed this in one just to make my webmaster happy (Bonsoir Josée!)


Last week I stated that, since much of Khans would be kinda cheap, Theros block would have to get more expensive to satisfy all of your spending needs. Even though only half of that prediction came to be true (Theros block is getting more and more expensive. If you need something from it, hurry up), the general idea still stands for other formats, just from a different perspective. Oh, and leave it a little while, I am pretty confident in my over-the-top complicated calculations from last month. These cards will get back to realistic prices.


snapcaster mageNow for modern, the effect will not be as direct, since we are not injecting 25% new cards in the format. That being said, a good chunk of the value of many decks were their expensive fetches mana base. You can now put together a whole modern deck for the price of what a playset of Scalding Tarn would have cost you about 6 months ago. Of course, Tarns are still the best option for a couple of decks out there. But now, people have a budget option. What does it mean? If somebody is planning on putting a delver deck together but want to keep on the low end of the budget scale, they will use a playset of Flooded Strand and a mix of Polluted Deltas and Bloodstained Mires for the next 4. They may loose 5% of win percentage, but they shaved 75% off of the deck’s value from 6 months ago. That seems like a deal. Supporting that, we can see that the price of Scalding Tarn and Misty Rainforest has came down quite a bit from their insane heights of a couple months ago.

Long story short, the reprinting of the fetch lands jut brought down the buy-in price for modern a big notch. If we keep in mind what I said last month, that probably means that the rest of the cards should go up in price to keep all of your spending needs satisfied. We can already see the price of Cryptic Command creeping up to ridiculous highs (65$ TCG mid at the time of writing this).

abrupt decayMy main picks for modern right now :


So you got a nice raise recently and decided cardboard was more your kind of pickup than a house or a car? Good for you, I feel the same. My read on modern is just as applicable to Legacy, except you need to pawn your mom to actually grab a piece of it. Don’t misinterpret me, Legacy is still my favourite format of all, but I’m not oblivious to the fact that most people don’t have the cashdown to lay down on it. Still, if you are ready to jump on the big boats, here is my top picks for ready-to-move-up cards :


That’s all I’ve got this month!

Thanks for reading