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As some of you might know, set 2 Union Force will be released on November 3rd, meaning that the meta game as we know will undergo changes very soon, This is the last opportunity to talk about the Top 3 Leaders from Set 1 (Galactic Battle) as you will still be able to play a few tournaments before the newest expansion comes up.

In third place we have Champa representing the red color as its top contender

Firstly, it is one of the few leaders in game that can give you card advantage as the game progresses even in its non awakened form. It’s ability can be activated once per turn, will let you draw one card from your deck when a battle card you control with 15k or more attacks a leader card. This means that even if your opponent tries to stall you after being awakened you will still draw a card. Also the fact that you are attacking with a 15k or plus beater means that you will be putting pressure on your opponent since awakened leaders have 15k attack. Therefore, once you attack and draw a card, your opponent will be forced to either respond (discarding a defensive card, -1) or taking the damage (+1), and if they opt to take a life (yes they will be drawing a card) but they will be one life closer to losing and since you drew from Champa‘s effect, you will be even in terms of card advantage.

Secondly, he is one of the very few leaders that can benefit from both side’s abilities in the turn you are awakening.

“What does that mean?”… you may ask. It means that when you are with 4 life or lower, you can attack with a battle card (15K or +), draw with Champa’s effect, awaken, draw 2 cards, then proceed to attack with Champa drawing one more card. Altogether that adds up to a total of +4 in terms of cards in your hand in that turn which is likely to put you ahead in the game.

One last thing that is worth mentioning is that, once awakened, Champa has a skill that can be activated as many times as you want per turn (as long as you are able to pay its cost) that reads “Activate: Main place one card from your hand in the drop area: Choose this or any battle card you control and give it Double Strike for the duration of the turn”. Champa is a leader that enables you to put tons of pressure in your opponent either its awakened or not, and once awakened, it’s a powerful game finisher.

Weaknesses: Although very powerful, Champa also has some limitations/weaknesses and that is why it went no further than third place in this ranking.

He can’t self-awaken, meaning that in order to awaken it relies on card such as Saiyan Cabba, Results of Training or your opponent attacking. In some games, it’s a huge disadvantage since your opponent, once awakened, could play the stall game with you and do their finishing blow once they have much more resources than you. This will happen more often against hand destruction type decks.

In order to draw card, before awakening, you must attack with battle cards. Despite being a powerful effect, this could also be a weakness when playing against smart opponents or stall decks. This happens because since you have to attack with battle cards, they will be in rest mode once you finish your turn, being an easy target for awakened leaders. Once they attack you, draw a card and remove your battle card without giving you a life, your leader is not awakened. It will most likely be useless since 10k is not enough to touch your opponents cards mid-late game.

Moving on to the second strongest leader, we have Captain Ginyu

Ginyu is one of the only two leaders in this set that has the ability to self-awakening. This means that it does not rely on other cards to reach its full potential. And how does it do it? Well, simply by using its once per turn ability you can reveal one card in your life ,of your choice, to your opponent and if it is a card, other than Ginyu itself, it can be put into play (without paying its energy cost). If it isn’t a card, it’s added to your hand. That is just one insane ability. Once you awaken (which will happen very early) you will start drawing cards every turn for attacking and will be hitting your opponent with 15k consistently. It’s important to mention that once awakened it has the ability of adding a life to your hand to gain double strike for the duration of the turn, plus a 5k bonus if you control 2 or more cards. It’s very relevant late game, since your opponent will be forced to combo with at least 6k in order to defend your attack.

To wrap it all up Ginyu being a yellow leader, enables you to play Cold Bloodlust, which is one of the best defensive cards in the game since it can disrupt your opponent’s play by negating all the abilities of the battle card they played.

Unfortunately for Ginyu, as all cards in the game it isn’t without flaws, and they are:

Although self-awakening is a powerful ability you do win when your opponent’s life go down to 0, and by taking one life every turn you are getting one step closer to losing, so you can’t use its effect recklessly, otherwise you could be seriously punished by that.

Its ability to potentially put Ginyu cards into play for no cost gets weaker as the game progresses. Those cards aren’t really that great. Their stats are lackluster so they don’t have a lot of offensive potential by themselves. You will benefit more if you play them early game or if you are able to put Guldo, the blocker into play. Guldo is a great defensive card, but it is easy to play around blocker. Therefore most of the time, you prefer just adding the card to your hand rather than hitting a < Ginyu Force > card. Another drawback is that it gives free information to your opponent.

Additionally, his post-awakened effect can’t really be used a lot. You are more likely to benefit from it once or twice during the game, as late game its very risky to lose life unless you are about to finish the game.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for…
And the best set 1 leader is…………

No one other than the Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta

As mentioned before, the ability of awakening itself is rather powerful, since it puts you ahead of the game in terms of card advantage. Life is important, but you only lose the game when you have no more lives, therefore it doesn’t really matter if you have 1, 2 or 3 lives at the end.

Vegeta reads “once per turn you can add a life to your hand and this card gains Critical for the duration of the turn” and critical, my friend, is one of the best, if not the very best keywords in the game. It means that when you deal damage with this card, if you activated its ability during main, your opponent won’t be adding the card from life to their hand as the lost life will be placed in the Drop Area instead. I am certain that you understood why this card is so strong, as you are adding a card to your hand every turn, your opponent is losing life without gaining card advantage. Once you are awakened even if you don’t trigger his ability, you will be drawing a card when you attack. If your opponent chooses to take the damage in order to gain more cards you will actually be even.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that if you trigger your Vegeta ability and then awaken, your leader will keep the critical even after awakening (Well at least until the end of that turn). What is also good about Vegeta’s ability when compared to Ginyu, is that you don’t have to reveal the card you added to your opponent. This means that they won’t “compensate” the advantage you made through knowledge and will not be able to play around a specific card you have added. You can attack with no fear of giving them more cards due to critical and this turns the Prince of All Saiyans into a very versatile threat, as it can be played very aggressively or more control oriented.

I am sure you are wondering what are Vegeta’s downsides… Locally for the sake of the game this card also has its flaws and can be countered. Two of these weaknesses are the same as Ginyu’s number one and two weaknesses, since both share the auto-awakening ability. But Vegeta has one more flaw. As you can see on its awakened side, it can gain a powerful 10k boost. Unfortunately in order to benefit from that, not only you need to take one damage, but also you need to have 7 or more blue energies. Hence this bonus will rarely be taken advantage of during the game. A lot of players are playing this leader and splashing different colors. The only Vegeta variant that can really benefit from this ability is the Mono Blue version.

Final thoughts: This top 3 list is definitely not absolute, keep in mind that this game is new and that a lot could change even before set 2 comes out. Although I have been reading, watching and playing a lot of this game, I still have a lot of development and learning to go through. I hope that we can all grow together and showcase a more in depth way of analyzing particular strategies. There are many leaders to choose from. The current metagame should not stop you from coming up with new concepts. Keep in mind that knowing the competition is half the game and you know what you need to prepare for when constructing your deck.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, because it will be the first of many. Please feel free to leave us your feedback and what kind of content you are looking for to help us better serve this community.

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