Today we will be talking about some of the red leaders, battle and extra cards that seem to have synergy and thus should be relevant to the upcoming mega game. I am Alex Hajjar and today I bring you Carta Magica’s Dragon Ball Super TCG second article.

vegitoVegito, the leader

Vegito: In his no awakened side it relies on milling red cards in order to gain a 5k bonus in power, which is nice, since he has an ability that transforms all the gokus and vegetas in green, blue and red and taking into account that this deck will be playing loads of these you should be getting the 5k boost frequently meaning that you will be able to hit awakened leaders as well as early game threats. Once awakened, he keeps the permanent but gains a different effect, as you can see in the image below. This new ability doesn’t really seem so easy to accomplish as the first one, but it actually comes in clutch thanks to “Lightning Speed Vegito” that soon will be explained. Judging based on his effects we can tell that this deck will be playing aggressively and should be able to end games very fast once awakened.

Lightning Fast Vegito

First thing I like about this card is that it can be played in two different ways, the regular one, by paying 5 energy with only one being red and the second one through a new mechanics introduced in this set “Union-Potara”, and in order to do that, you need to have at least one Goku and one Vegeta on the field and 3 untapped energy to summon Vegito with the two cards above stacked underneath him, therefore this card can be summoned in turn three! Besides that, this card can also attack active mode battle cards turning it into a very versatile threat and it doesn’t even end there, as you can see below, after attacking you send the top 10 cards of your deck to the drop area and choose any with 25k or less and evolve this card into it in active mode, having one more attack. One other thing that is worth mentioning is that once this card attacks the condition mentioned earlier for the Vegito leader to boost itself will be fulfilled, giving your leader a +5k in power and double strike when it attacks.

repeated-force-vegitoRepeated Force Vegito

There isn’t much to say about this card as it is pretty straight forward, it costs 7, but can be played by paying five energy and using Goku and Vegeta from your field as materials through Union-Potara, it has triple strike, and gains extra 5k for each and in your drop zone. What I would like to add here is that this card is a valid target for “Lightning Fast Vegito” and for that reason this card will be a must in this deck, once it can be played for free in turn three if all the conditions are fulfilled.

Potara, the Kai’s Secret

This card Is pretty interesting too, it is very costly, as you pay 4 energy, discard one and one from your hand in order to use it, but it does bring any cost 6 or lower Vegito from your deck or drop area, however, being able to bring Lighting Fast Vegito in turn four is really not bad at all, despite all the drawbacks mentioned above the benefits of this card could easily pay off, since you can in turn four easily deal 4 damage to your opponent because of this card (one from Lightning Fast and three from Repeated Force Vegito), and not only that you would have already set up the awakened side of your leader by having 10 cards in in the drop area, besides all the Vegito battle cards are very powerful file presence.

Double Shot Super Sayan 2 Vegeta

In my opinion this card has good synergy with Vegito because it helps you meeting the requirements to perform an union-potara summon in turn three, as you can see below, after you combo with this card, if you leader is red, this card can be played in rest mode after the battle, therefore, this card can be put into play even in turn one making it much easier to have at least one Goku and one Vegeta in your field by turn three and since this card has 15k of power, its not easy to be killed early on.

In my opinion this deck will be seen a lot in the top tables of tournaments not only it will be playing all (or most of the) powerful cards mentioned above but also some key cards from the previous set, such as: Assailant Vegeta, Kind Sayan Son Goku and many others, and a deck full of good cards like this one “can’t do no wrong” as they say right?! Now moving forward we will be talking about Babidi the leaders along with cards that should work well with it.


First thing you notice when you read this card is that it has an unique ability that reads “Once you place this card in the Leader area choose one {Majin Buu’s Sealed Ball} and place it in the Battle Area in Active Mode.” And that translates to “Consistency” as you are guaranteed to open with field card this deck revolves around . This card has another unique ability that allows you to awaken at 6 lives being able to gain card advantage very early. Once awakened Babidi gains the ability to give a 5k boost to one of your battle cards to compensate his lack of power (only 10k as an awakened Leader) that is an interesting ability because giving more power to your battle cards with powerful effects is never bad, however, I would rather have a Leader with 15k attacking and drawing because sometimes in this game attacking with battle cards and leaving them open to your opponents attacks is not the best play and now, moving on to his second skill, once per turn when your Battle Card attacks you draw one card and then place up to one card from the top of your deck under your {Majin Buu’s Sealed Ball} so as you can see, differently from any other leader in the game, once awakened this card fully depends on battle cards attacking. I do think that this leader has potential as it possesses very unique abilities that could catch your opponent off guard, however, it seems a bit situational some times but as of now it’s hard to know if it will competitive or not.

Majin Buu’s Sealed Ball

This Field card is sure to be played at one, not only because you are guaranteed to have it even before the game starts but also because if you want to play it normally it will cost 10 energy. Once you have at least 5 cards under this one, you can place this card in the Drop Area in order to play a “Majiin Buu Revived ” directly from your deck. This card is worth mentioning here as it is stated by other cards of this deck, however, I am uncertain if it will see a lot a play as it doesn’t seem to work in case you end up drawing the target before you could resolve this effect or even if its in your Life or Drop Area.

majinbuu-revivedMajin Buu Revived

This is the card that can be played directly from your deck by the field card above, and when it comes into play in this way you inflict one damage to your opponent. Also, this card is a 20k double striker, however, it costs 10 meaning that or you play it through “Majin Buu’s Sealed Ball” or you probably don’t. Despite its high cost, you can combo with it for 5k and no energy, which makes this card a little more viable in my opinion, but still, I don’t know if it will be played a lot.

Ultimate Evil Dark Prince Vegeta

Besides having a very cool name this is the optimal card to help you get that Majin But Revived early on, as you can play it by paying 4 red energy, it has 20k power and double strike and once you destroy a battle card with this card you put cards under your Majin Buu’s Sealed Ball until you have 5 cards there, which is just fantastic if your play a deck that revolves around this strategy.

Attendants Spopovich and Yanu

Pretty straight forward card, two energy cost, 15k beater that when attacks allows you to put a card from the top of your deck under your field card, very important in this deck if you are sticking with the Main But Revived strategy.

awakening-evil-majin-buuAwakening Evil Majin Buu

This is where this deck gets even more consistency, this card costs 5 energies, has 25k of power and can be played through evolution by paying 2 red energy only, so if you have the Majin Buu Revived in play, also, it has a ability that will be introduced in this set “Union-Absorb” that lets you place a battle card from your hand under this card in order to evolve it to any Majin Buu from your deck (besides itself) with 25k attack or more. As of now this card has two targets that will depend on the card you placed under this card before evolving (if you want to fully benefit from its effect).

If you used Son Gohan Adolescence as material

Grand Evil Absorption Majin Buu: 30k attack, dual attack and you can target a under this card in order to be able to attack active mode cards as well as gaining its ability for the turn.

If you used Gotenks as material

Prodigy Absorption Majin Buu: 25k attack, double strike and if you have a under this card it can only be KO-ed if your opponent has cards in their combo area meaning that this card can only be destroyed by battle if your opponent combos.

As for the Gohan and Gotenks cards, I will talk about them below after the last red leader as they seem to have synergy with other leaders too.

Son Goku

At a first glance, this card seems a bit lackluster, it is one of those that once awakened just keep the same ability from its previous form and that ability is: “once per turn, place one card from your hand in the drop area, this card gains 5k power for the turn.” So I can really see the benefit of this effect when you need to finish the game as it allows you to discard an extra card, for example, in order to get the boost so you can push for game with sheer force but still, its very situational. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the game is not played only with leaders and this set has some interesting new cards that could help you turn this not-so-good effect into something interesting, I will mention some of these cards below.

Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohan

25k power, double strike, cost 6, so far so good but what is awesome about this card is that despite its high cost it can save your life even if you are in pinch as when you have three or less cards in your hand, besides this one, you can reduce this card’s cost by 4!! With this Goku as a leader, this condition will be easier to achieve and there is more, when this card KO-s a battle card you inflict two damage to your opponent! This card also work well with the card below.

fully-trained-son-gohanFully trained Son Gohan

Pretty Cheap Card as it costs only two energies, hits for 10k, nothing special about right? WRONG! This card gives all of your the ability to evolve for three energy, with two being red. That is right, if you have this card in play at the beginning of your third turn you will be able to play Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohan, how awesome is that?

Leap of the Future Son Goten/Trunks

Both cards share the exact same effect, by discarding this card and one other card from your hand you can search for any with 25k power or more and add it to your hand, so pure consistency, yes you are trading two for one, however, remember, with the cards this deck plays you can afford to have a low number of cards in your hand.

Mighty Mask, the Mysterious Warrior

This card represents the next level of consistency as you can discard it from your hand to add both and from your deck to your hand, meaning that this time, you are trading one for two, which is never bad, plus this card basically lets you search for a Gotenks in your deck through the cards mentioned before.

Ghost Attack Super Sayan 3 Gotenks

This card reminds a bit of Vados, as it is red, costs 5 energy and allows you to play more battle cards with it, however a bit differently, as when you play this card you can put 3 Ghost Tokens with 15k power each in play and there is more, if you have 4 or less cards in your hand, this card as well as all of your Ghost Tokens will gain Double Strike!

Vegito, Here to Save the Day

This is a promo card that can be obtained by purchasing 12 packs in store, in order to play it you need to have , and in your drop area – yes, a bit situational, but with the cards mentioned above combined with your leader, it is not so hard to do and this card costs only 4 energy, has 20k power, double strike and when it attacks, if you have 4 or less cards, it lets you draw 2 cards and it gains a 10k boost for the duration of the turn!

Bonus time!

Now to wrap it all up I will talk about two other cards that you are probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned them yet and that is because in my opinion they can be played in any red decks as their effects are pretty powerful and versatile, and they are:

Mind Controlling Babidi

Costs 6, 10k power, at first seems rather bad, but no! When you put this card into play you can look at the top 7 cards of your deck, choose up to 2 red battle cards with 25k or lower and play them for free! I can see this card being played in all red decks, even in a Champa deck, imagine you playing this card and hitting two Vados, for example… its definitely game!

Jiren, Fist of Justice

This is one of the best cards ever in my opinion, costs 4, has double strike, can hit active mode cards and after it attacks a battle card, it goes back to active mode and gains a 10k bonus in power! Broken is the word for this card.

Well, as you can see, lot of unique abilities and powerful cards will be introduced in this set, today we only talked about the red ones, but in next articles we will be doing something similar with the other colors, please make sure to give us your feedback, like, comment and share this article as it helps our team to better serve the community. Additionally, check Carta Magic’s website below to order your boxes, packs and singles and if you are in the Montreal area, make sure to come join us every Wednesday night at 18:30 to play with us, it will be very fun!

Stay tuned to our blog for news and next week we will have a video unboxing the set two box.

I am Alex Hajjar and I hope to see you guys soon! Ciaao!