Do you smell that? You know, that sweet, refreshing smell of something fresh being introduced to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! ? Ok, maybe I’m being super metaphorical (that’s the school influence right there) but I really do think the game is undergoing some pretty wild changes thanks to the newest set, Duelist Alliance, and I’m not the only one who can “smell it in the Yu-Gi-Oh! air”.

Fresh New Stuff

duelist alliance logoDuelist Alliance is one of the best sets we’ve gotten in a pretty long time, and here’s why: DIVERSITY. You know, that thing that goes with evolution? Well it’s right here in Yu-Gi-Oh! too. By that I mean that Duelist Alliance has introduced and brought back a multitude of playing styles & decks, which has revolutionized not only the current meta but the game itself. Think about it- the set brought back the Fusion Summoning mechanic with Shaddolls (and if you look at the anime there’s really a focus on Fusion Summoning which is awesome), breathe life into Synchro Summoning with the Yang Zing archetype, and even came out with Ritual Monster support that’s surprisingly good in the form of Saffira, Queen of Dragons & Hymm of Light. Before this set, players wouldn’t have even dreamed of touching a Fusion-based or Ritual-based deck, but now? Those same decks are topping regionals. And who could forget about Satellaknights or the Burning Abyss archetype (also introduced in this set)? Or the Batteryman archetype, which with the release of Batteryman 9-Volt in DUEA, has become an actual competitive deck? Or the brand new Performapal archetype and Pendulum monster support? Or… I could go on.

Decks, Decks Everywhere!

Point is, DUEA brought back and brought in so many different, new and creative decks & archetypes (I could go through the list again if you don’t believe me) and has made a truly “diverse” format, with a variety of decks & playstyles all having an equal chance at doing well competitively. And believe it or not, this has a ripple effect that touches every player in the game today. Since there are so many different competitive decks out there, casual players won’t feel so embarrassed bringing their deck concoctions into locals, and might even buy the new stuff because it appeals to them more than the Xyz-full formats of before. Older players or players who’ve taken a break from the game might want to start playing again because there are so many good options to choose from. And new players will just be astounded by the sheer amount of different decks available at their disposal. Any way you look at it, we win in the end.

tachyon galaxy logoMore players in the game, lured by the prospect of a diverse format, means more decks of different playstyles will be seeing play. More decks of different playstyles seeing play means more of these different decks will be played competitively. More decks of different playstyles being played competitively means more players will want to play these decks. And the cycle goes on and on… Not only is this good for Konami’s business, but it’s good for the game as a whole; who wants to play in a format where only one or two decks are played since they’re the only good ones? (Cough cough Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy format).

Diversity in the meta only has upsides, and thanks to Duelist Alliance, we finally have it.