This month, set 6 (Breaker of Limits) will be releasing in Japanese and English simultaneously. Set 3 through 5 will be released afterwards here in North America. So why release set 6 here, before sets 3 to 5? They want the English and Japanese players to be on the same level and they want us North Americans to have the same support as they do because the sixth set is a very powerful one. Also, the set size will increase from the standard 80 card set to 102. They truly want to advance the game forward by adding and giving good support cards.

New Game Mechanic

A new game mechanic is being released in this set and it is called “Limit Breaks”. Limit Breaks is a condition you need in order to activate an effect. The most common Limit Break condition is: “You need 4 or more Damage in order to active X effect.”

New clans and support for existing clans

First off, there are 3 new clans being introduced into the game: Angel Feathers, Gold Paladins and Narukamis. There are 2 sets that are getting huge support and those are the Nova Grapplers and the Granblue.

Gold Paladins Clan

Gold paladins are truly one of the strongest clans in Vanguard. They have amazing abilities, great consistency, a superior ride and powerful limit breaks. Gold Paladins are similar to Royal Paladins. They have similar effects but their play style is quite different. They rely on big attacking monsters whereas Royal Paladins rely on field control and a huge devastating attack with Soul Savior Dragon. It is similar to King of Knights, Alfred.

Burning Lion, Blonde Eisele (A Gold Paladin)

Activate 【V】 [Limit Break (4)] {When you have four or more damage}: [Counter Blast (2)] Look at the top card of your deck. If that card is a 《Gold Paladin》, call that card to a [R] without an unit. If not, put that card to the bottom of your deck. This unit gets Power equals to the Power of that unit called by this ability until end of turn.

Continuous 【V】: This unit gets Power +1000 for each of your《Gold Paladin》 rear-guards during your turn.

Narukamis Clan

Narukamis are getting 1 of each trigger and 2 Stand triggers. They are stand alone huge beatsticks! Most of their cards can only attack the vanguard though.

Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion

Now here is a Narukami card that has stirred a lot of controversy in the Vanguard world!

With Limit Break 4 and Counter Blast 3, he has the ability to attack the entire front row with ONE attack!!!

Angel Feathers Clan

There is not much to say about Angel Feathers because they haven’t released much news about them but we do know that they revolve around the damage zone a lot.

Support for Granblues

Granblues are getting great support. They are receiving one of each trigger so this will add a lot of different variety of new play styles to the deck. The set 2 card King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk will be very useful because of his soul charging ability. Many new Grandblue cards require soul charges instead of counter blasts in order to activate their effects. Grandblues are getting their first 11,000 attack power vanguard and they are receiving a second type of superior ride (from the drop zone). They are getting two new starting vanguards also.

Support for Nova Grapplers

The extremely stand-heavy deck , Nova Grapplers will depend even more on standing thanks to their new support which includes a starting vanguard, and four very good new cards. The most notable one is Divine Beast, Azure Dragon. Nova grapplers do not have much versatility and they do not have very complicated effects that combo with each other. But nevertheless they are one of the most feared clans because there is so much Standing in the deck that they attack you several times per turn.

Divine Beast, Azure Dragon

Auto 【V】: [Choose a card named 「Divine Beast, Azure Dragon」 from your hand and discard it] When this unit’s attack hits a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to 2 rear-guards and Stand them.

Support for Other Clans

Sadly, the Oracle Think Tanks, Kagero, Royal Paladins, Tachikaze, Spike brothers are not getting much support this set. But, we still do not know all of the cards from this new set so they might have some surprises in store for us!

Breaker of Limits pre-orders

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