As I write this, The Cardfight Vanguard 2013 World Championship grand finals have already taken place this past Sunday January 12 in Tokyo Japan. Let’s quickly take a look at the most recent tournament qualifier. A quick reminder that the OCG (Japan) Meta is not allowed to play Link Jokers in qualifiers until TCG (America) receives their Link Jokers. This is done to give everyone in the world a fair chance at competing. This is an extremely smart decision from the tournament organizers as it allows everyone a chance at winning. In the most recent tournament qualifier the most played decks were:

Cardfight Vanguard top deck types

We see Kagero and Gold Paladin at the top followed by Narukami Bermuda and Oracles. Most people would believe to see Narukami higher up since it was rumoured that this was “The Narukami format” but Kagero comes crushing in and tearing almost every championship tops with the famous Dragonic Overlord the End + Dauntless Drive Dragon build. We should expect to see similar kinds of builds at the Worlds as well. The Kagero builds tend to go for a 8 critical 4 heal 4 draw build or some more safer players like to go 6 critical 4 heal and 6 draw.

We see Bermuda triangle in the top 5! This came as a joyful shocker to many players. The prominent Bermuda builds rely on the PRISM build. The combo of riding PRISM-Promise, Labrador on top of PRISM-Image, Vert is really effective. This allows your Labrador to have 31k + 1 critical before drive checking and since Vert brings rear-guards back to your hand it makes it very hard to miss Labrador’s effect to call them back on the battlefield. They use also a 8 critical 4 heal and 4 draw build.

Some people were disappointed to see that Nova Grapplers were nowhere to be found because they were the winning decks at Canada’s 2013 qualifiers in Toronto. Some people argue that it is because Nova Grapplers are not fast enough for this format and they mostly rely on grinding until they get that one big push. Maybe next year for them!

The Royal Paladin builds that we saw at the world championships are mostly decks revolving around you guessed it, Majesty Lord Blaster. If one compares the Europe world qualifier to the North American one it is easily noticeable that there were much more diverse decks amongst the top European players as there were in the American ones. This is sad because players enjoy seeing different decks amongst the top players because it brings this hope into every deck. Players get annoyed when they hear that another Kagero Dauntless/ Overlord the End deck has one and enjoy hearing when lesser played decks like Dimensional Police wins similar to what happened in the USA/New York World Qualifier.

We will know by the end of Sunday night the results of the grand finals and Monday January 13th all of the deck lists will be posted as we wait anxiously to see what deck will win this format!