Bored of rescuing the freaking girl over and over again or of killing the dragon and stealing his treasure in Dungeons and Dragons?

Then you will probably like the change to Boss Monster.

In this card game you will have the chance to be the “Boss” of your very own dungeon, setting up traps and smashing your enemy’s opportunities under your feet, with beautiful 8-bit pixelated illustrations that makes reference to some known games like Assassins Creed.

So, be ready to forget about being the good guy, forget about princesses, kings, quests and treasures (well… maybe not treasures) and concentrate on one thing only… killing heroes and getting souls.

draculordEvil lurking in the dark…

Being the bad guy is not easy… there is always something that you need, and that usually involves killing a lot of people in often mean and gruesome ways.
In this case, you and up to 3 other players will fight for the attention of valiant fighters, greedy thieves, holy clerics and curious mages seeking treasures and adventure.

As heroes goes through your dungeon, you will collect either Souls or Wounds. If you get 5 wounds then it is game over for you, or gather 10 souls and you will be the winner, the Boss of Bosses…, the MegaBoss, the SuperMonster, the…, the SuperMegaWinnerBossofBossesMonster…, or whatever you like to call yourself.

fighterMeanwhile, in the village…

Each turn, based on the number of players, up to 4 new heroes gather in the local tavern looking for gossip about treasures. Depending on their class they will be looking for Fighter, Thief, Mage or Cleric treasures and they will prepare to head for the dungeon that is more attractive to them, in terms of what they are looking for. But be careful, if heroes find that different dungeons have the same treasure value for them, they will stay in town waiting and the next turn you will be facing more heroes than usual.

As the game develops, words of your mischievousness will reach the most powerful of the world and Epic heroes will appear. These heroes pose a stronger threat to you, as they are more resistant and will deal more damage if you can’t get rid of them in your dungeon, but due to their power they will also reward you with 2 souls instead of one!

Sensing powerful souls arrive to the lands… Evil prepares itself…

all-seeing eyeEveryone will be able to expand their dungeon once per turn during the Build Phase, and there are two types of cards you can use in your dungeon: Rooms and Advanced Rooms.
Each room can be either a Trap or a Monster room and will have a damage rating, a Treasure and might have a special ability. The first is important because it is the damage that will be dealt to every hero passing through that particular room, and the second will provide your dungeon with overall score to attract more heroes wanting that treasure.

When building a room, you will do it by placing your card face down to the left of your play area and then, revealing it together with everyone else. This way, depending on the heroes available, your enemies won’t be capable of anticipating what you are trying to do with your play.
You can have a maximum of 5 visible rooms, each one placed to the left of the last one, creating this way a “side-scrolling” dungeon that will be explored by different heroes.

Words of treasures spread through the lands… Heroes go to search in different dungeons!

During the Bait Phase, each hero is distributed amongst players depending on their Dungeon’s treasure value for its kind of treasure. So for example, if you have 1 thief and 1 mage, and your dungeon holds the largest amount of treasures for thieves and mages, then you will attract both heroes that turn. Heroes are placed to the left of your dungeon’s room, and they will explore one room at a time, from left to right. After every hero has been checked, the Adventure phase begins and heroes enter their chosen dungeons.

While they explore, they will receive damage based on the value of each room they go through until either dying or reaching the Boss. If they die, their card will be left facing down to indicate that you have won a soul, and if they don’t then they will be left facing up indicating the amount of wounds they have dealt to you.

fightermonstrous monumentall-seeing eyedraculord

assassinThe power of spells…

Another kind of card that you can play are Spells… What kind of Boss would you be if you don’t have spells to crush your foes or interrupt their actions?

Spells can be played only in the Build and Adventure phases, and they are resolved according to the active player in that phase. This gives the game the kind of edge you might love if you are into trying to win the game by killing… You will be able to disable your opponent’s rooms, prevent them to build them, affect different heroes through the dungeons to make them, for example, hopelessly return to the beginning of the dungeon… or even help them by giving them more resistance to be able to wound your opponents!

The aftermath…

By the end of the story, you will find a good game to enjoy with friends and family. If, like me, you like to play computer games and RPGs, you will also find that the illustrations in the cards are very well done in that 8-bit pixelated art fashion, and that the reference to some known games is very welcoming and gives the game another amusement point.

I believe this game suits a wide range of players, since you can play it in a very competitive way or in a more relaxed setting by only building your dungeon and trying to manage heroes… even though support for more players would have been nice.