Special Dominaria Promo!

Carta Magica is proud to take part in the special Dominaria promotion:

Preorder your box, preregister for our prereleases and pick up your box at the prerelease!

You’ll also get the exclusive Firesong and Sunspeaker buy-a-box promo (while quantities last).

Preorder your Dominaria product and preregister for a prerelease here:

Black Friday 2017

Up to 50% off lots of items this week-end for the Black Friday Sale at our Ottawa store!

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Dragon Ball Super Red Leaders, Battle and Extra Cards with Synergy

Today we talk about some of the red leaders, battle and extra cards that seem to have synergy and thus should be relevant to the upcoming mega game.

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The new Ixalan standard format

Victor Nguyen here today to talk to you about the new the new standard format in Magic the Gathering after the arrival of Ixalan.

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Dragon Ball Super TCG – Top 3 Set 1 Leaders

Let's talk about the Top 3 Leaders from Set 1 (Galactic Battle), that you will still be able to play a few tournaments before the newest expansion comes up.

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