Arkham Horror boxFor those familiar with the stores of H.P. Lovecraft or those that have already seen one of the many games based on the world famous Cthulhu, this will be a game were you will find not only a pleasant time in company of your best friends or family, but you will also find the desperation, the struggle and the “insanity” that has tormented so far every single investigator appearing in one of those stories.

In this game, you, and hopefully your friends, will become investigators in the haunted city of Arkham. A grim place with different places you will be exploring like graveyards, forests and buildings to buy different equipment that will help you fight, or sneak, horrifying demons and monsters in the streets of the city, who are working for one of eight Lovecraft’s “Ancient Ones” that’s being awakened from his slumber by its followers.

What Is Hidden Within The Box

Once you open the box of the game, you will be assaulted by the different components of it. There are Many cards for each of the different items you will be able to obtain through the game, like weapons, spells and allies amongst others. Also, Mythos cards explaining the many events that will take place in the streets of the city, like strange rituals that might provide just a hint of the future, and perhaps grant your investigator a powerful spell, and where a new portal will open from which one, or many, depending on the situation, monster will appear to terrorize the city. Tokens depicting different characteristics and items about your chosen investigator like health points, sanity points, money, clues and, of course, a portrait you will place on the big sturdy game board showing the city of Arkham and ghastly dimensions where your investigators will dwell for hidden knowledge, dark events and the chance of closing a portal leading to it.

What to Do

The objective of the game is simple: Defeat the “Ancient One”. This can be done in two ways: seal locations in the board where different portals might appear, considering these portals provides the “Ancient One” the needed power to finally wake up, so that no portals can be spawned in that particular location, or defeat him in a final battle in his dimension after he has gathered enough power to swallow every investigator in it. The last method usually ending in the desperate and rather quick decease of each of the unfortunate investigators unless you managed to get enough equipment, and have enough luck with the dices, to kick the hell out of it.

Arkham horror gameEach turn is divided in phases as we usually see in this kind of game, but each player makes decisions at the exact same phase so everyone gets to play together and can discuss their choices in order to have a better chance of defeating the incoming
monsters. This provides a swifter gameplay for everyone since you don’t have to wait for a fellow investigator to end his turn in order to do something in the game.

One of the main phases in a turn is the Mythos Phase. In it, one player will draw a card that explains different events in the city, opens a portal to another dimension from where a monster will appear and will also indicate which monster moves in the board. You will find that this card might be the one plan shredder you will see, mainly because your beautiful perfect plan might get blocked with the appearance of a rather powerful monster or because you might lose some greatly appreciated “clue tokens” that are used to seal locations, close portals or prevent the city from collapsing due to some freaks that just happened to be sacrificing people outside Miskatonic University…

What I Think of the Game

For me, this game is ideal to have a fun afternoon with your family and friends. You can also find some advantage on introducing people to the world of board gaming due to its cooperative nature or even play with someone who doesn’t really understand the language the game board is in, mainly because you have nothing to hide and can openly discuss game mechanics, components and strategies with people who isn’t used to this kind of games.

Have in mind though that it’s a long game to play and it might take some time to fully understand the rules of it, and to prepare the game area with every single component out of the box. So make sure to have some other kind of entertainment ready just in case you need extra time to have everything set up.

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